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What We do

what we are prassidh for....

Branding & Print Design

Filtering carefully from a perplexing buzz and focusing on a clear message, we provide you with avenues to deliver your message and make your presence known. We strive to provide you with an endless array of custom creativity to help you showcase your company effectively. Our designing and innovation might just make you the Indra of your market.

Website design & Digital marketing

Our Responsive Website Designs and Digital Marketing strategies not only serve your purpose of having a smart web appearance, it also connects your brand with the target audience. We believe in building and making the bond stronger between you and your customer.


TV ads & Corporate Presentation

TV Commercials and Corporate Presentations are the most exotic medium to connect you with your customers. Our conceptual TV ads have strived to reach your target market and make an unforgettable impression on their minds. We achieve this by designing scripts that help your audience bond easily to you.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is the unique image of your business. It is the visual statement that sets you apart from others. Irrespective of size and purpose of your business, the visual elements create the first and ultimate perception for your customers. We help you represent your idea of business innovatively.Imagine seeing a flute, the sudarshan chakra and a peacock feather on a visiting card, you would definitely know it was given to you by Krishna. Our designs replicate your business’ personality.