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Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

Marketing is the art of communication; to communicate an idea/educate the consumer about new product or service that is being offered at a new price point or with new features or with better customer service.



Effective Communication has four parts to it

  • The Content
  • The Intent
  • The Process &
  • The Emotion

Video is best at conveying all of them. Video is the most engaging and immersive form of communication there is, to reach the mass market. It engages the most number of senses of the viewer. So much so that there are entire billion dollar industries offering video as a product.

As a result, video marketing is being pursued for decaded successfully by many companies to communicate ideas using various genre like Humor by Fevicol, Fear for Quit Smoking campaigns, Demo or Educating Video ads like Whirlpool Refrigerators, Social message involving ads like Ariel, Video ads with jingles such as Humara Bajaj & Nirma and many more.

Today video marketing has become bigger and more important than ever.


So what’s stopping companies from catching on to this trend more rapidly?

Here are the major hurdles that are stopping companies from leveraging the full potential of video

Making Cost:

Traditionally it’s been very costly to hire models, writers, directors, gear or a video agency. And often the video agencies do not market or distribute the video.

We at Vartile, get our dopamine from creative and inspiring work hence, we work on both making the video and also marketing it with very approachable prices starting from 60,000 INR.


                Traditionally video ads found their prominence in TVs and Movie Theatres, however, times have changed now with the advent of digital media. Vartile, for instance, uses owned platforms like company websites, social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Modern Media hubs like Youtube, Hotstar and traditional platforms like TV channels and Movie Theatres as well to promote and distribute video ads.


                Viewership for video has increased by 200% in India alone. This is mainly because of decreasing cost that viewer has to incur to watch content online. This makes the interest of viewer in content of video, the only deciding factor for the viewer to watch the video or not. Vartile has immense experience of creating curiosity generating videos, funny and engaging videos, product demo videos and also endorsement videos by stars like Upendra which are sure to make this decision of consumer one sided!


                Earlier video ads had limited reach, reaching only those homes which either had a TV or could afford to go to a movie. Today, the reach of video has grown by many folds thanks to increasing connectivity with bare minimum costs to the consumer. This reachability is completely utilized by Vartile’s research based targeting techniques, which enable video to reach the most relevant audience, who can connect to the company/product with least cost possible.

Still not convinced? What better way to explain about a video than a video itself.

How to make an awesome corporate presentation

How to make an awesome corporate presentation

What do you consider as an insanely amazing presentation? The one which talks all about you or, the one which is full of different kind of information and charts? We think either way are boring and completely washed out.

There must be a good reason why everyone thinks business presentation are dull and monotonous because otherwise, we see them as a movie which is full of action, drama and a mind blowing climax.

Still figuring how to make an awesome corporate presentation? Don’t worry we have your back. Start with:


A smashing entry      smashing-entry-without-bg  

The beginning of your presentation is the most crucial part because it decides whether it keeps your audience attention with you till the end or not. It doesn’t need to be dramatic but memorable. Bring up the curiosity level of your audience by talking about something completely unexpected and then go straight to your point. This will get your audience listen to you in anticipation.


Show them what you’re talking about      show_new1

Your presentation is incomplete without compelling visuals. Isn’t it better to show your idea instead of just talking about it? People believe what they see therefore it helps you to convince them in an easy and better way about your product or service.



Keep it short, keep it clear      simple-and-short_1

The first formula of a great presentation is ‘Stop bragging about you right now’. The one thing you want to avoid is losing your audience concentration. So put a full stop on all that needless details and start focussing on what’s really important for your audience to remember. You need to know that how much information is too much information otherwise, you are going to confuse the audience completely.



Do something different                do-something-different

Most of us don’t remember much until we see something super weird or unique. Presentations are like movies so if you want to stand out, show your audience a different story. By simply saying that you are different won’t do any good for you, so choose to do something no one ever thinks of.



Make your content memorable        memorable-content

Is it possible to turn your boring data presentation into something gripping? Well with us, yes it is. Raw information amuses only the logical mind while bores the rest of the mind. Colour your boring data and charts with the help of our imagination and your creative touch. Tickle most of your audience’s mind to reap more retention.



Believe in your presentation        presentation

Enthusiasm is very hard to fake, so if you really want to look confident in front of your audience then pre-prepare yourself. The first step in this process is to believe in what you are about to present. Why is it so important? Because as David Ogilvy said, ‘consumer is not a moron, she is your wife’ and let’s admit you cannot lie to your wife. So if you want to convince your audience about something, convince yourself first.



Trigger a reaction            trigger-rection_fast

People tend to react to everything in India but when it comes to the presentations, you generally don’t find an expressive audience. Let’s put it straight, if you can’t trigger a reaction out of your audience you can’t expect them to get back to you after the presentation. It’s over; your ship is going to sink badly.

Include things that are so powerful that they can’t help but listen to you. Give them reasons to react positively after you end your show.


Don’t forget the rhythm             rythm

You should run a single powerful idea throughout the presentation. Without a theme, it will look just blah!

To avoid this, structure your presentation like a movie. Set up plots, problems and then slowly reveal how to solve each one of them. Learn from the great storytellers and create a message that’s easy to digest, remember and retell.

In short, make a smashing entry and conclude with a powerful ending.



Make it simple       simple

There is no need to present boring stuff in a boring way. A confused mind never buys, so break down all your data into simpler meaningful stories that are easily relatable to the audience. Don’t punish your audience by presenting typical data that can only be analysis by the scholars.



Why so serious?               serious

A presentation is meant to intrigue, not to bore. If you often find your audience with a lost look on their face then you have only two options left: Either hope for more dynamic and engaged crowd or, be the one who can excite any audience easily. We think the former is not something which is in your hand.

Time to paint your content with a splash of creativity because as joker once said, ‘why so serious?’

Why every business needs video marketing in 2017

Why every business needs video marketing in 2017

As a marketer, our biggest objective is to reach the customers by understanding what they want with a product or service. That’s when the bigger picture comes in the scenario – Marketing. Marketing is all about achieving corporate goals by exceeding customer expectations better than your competitor. Well, there are countless options to bring off the effects but are they that effective? What if you get all the mileage by just one marketing tool – Video? It’s true, Video marketing is an extremely cool way to stand out in the horde of brands. It helps you in reaching new customers and also gives you a chance to turn them into loyal one in a blink of an eye. But, why video and not any other text-based marketing campaign? Let me ask you a question. Do you recall the last Google Adwords ad that snapped up in your browser? No? Me neither The reason is our brain is far more engaged by storytelling than a list of facts. In less than thirty seconds, a customer gets all the information he needs about a company through a visually appealing video, what can be better than that?

Let’s test the power of video

video marketing 5-02   Video is a vital piece of your marketing puzzle. Put this piece and everything will fall in place naturally. Don’t trust us, trust the words:

  • Your website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video.
  • YouTube is 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google.
  • 50% viewer watch business related videos on YouTube.
  • 45.5% of internet users view at least one video over the course of a month.
  • 46% users take action after viewing a video online.
  • 26% viewers looked for more information after watching the video.
  • 15% of them visited the company represented in the video ad.
  • 22% visited the website named in the ad.
  • 12% purchased the specific products featured in the ad.
  • People stay 2 minutes longer on your site if you have video content.

It is beyond entertainment. We need videos to promote almost every kind of industry. We can sell a product or an idea with a right video and the right strategy; you can make your brand a sensation long before you even know.

Still confused? Tell us after reading this   

video marketing Did you know 52% of marketing professionals believe that videos are the best option to produce ROI better than any other form of marketing? It’s a huge stat to convince yourself that video is the best medium for your company to reach your audience effectively. But, if you are still wondering whether you should choose it or not, read our 8 reasons why it’s high time to opt for video marketing: 1. Who doesn’t want a boost over their competitors? Video do the same thing for you. If your website contains a video, Google will rank you higher than others. According to another study, videos are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page.   2. A video is worth of thousand sales. According to a study, visitors are 144% more likely to buy a product after watching its video. They create an environment where customers know what they’re supposed to buy and can easily purchase it.   3. You can easily measure how successful your videos are. It helps you in determining which videos are doing well on various social media platforms, while increasing your sales and according to that you can update your marketing strategies.   4. Videos are like real life interactions with your customers and clients. It helps your customers to understand all your aspects just the way you want to tell them. Make the full use of your video and explain things as you would in the store.   5. Almost every popular social networking site allows its users to share videos on it. It’s a great benefit for marketers like you. It gives you more exposure which ultimately helps in increasing sales and popularity.   6. Videos are a great way to remains in your viewer’s mind for a long time. 80% viewers remember video even after months of watching it. We cannot say this about any blog post or print ad. So, the more interesting and appealing your video message is, the more people will remember about it.   7. People love to comment what they like and what not. It’s an amazing way to keep connected with your customers and know their views. You can also use this medium to update them about your next video.   8. We want to do business with someone we know and trust. Videos give you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. It helps you to inject your brand’s true personality in it and not just the corporate image. We all know about the impact of TV, videos on the web have the same impact on the way viewers consumed the content. You can measure its popularity by the fact that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

The big question – What to show?  

video marketing   Videos can be used in various ways. Each company may be different, but one thing is certain – Marketing and Sales. Here are few examples of how you can use videos to your advantage: 1. Show off your product – An ideal way to demonstrate all about your product. Show its features, working style and benefits in just one 30 sec video. It can overcome all the objections your prospect might have with your product. 2. Explain an easy how-to – Make an infotainment to guide your customers to a specific product or service. It helps you in building customer loyalty and ultimately boosts sales. 3. Bring testimonials for life – You can use testimonials of both customers and experts. Customers love to learn about the product from other customer’s experience, while experts add credibility to your product. 4. Introduction Video – Introduction videos are a great way to introduce your prospects to your company. You can be even more creative and introduce different aspects of your company to them. The ideal place for your introduction video is your home page.

Have you heard about ‘The Ripple Effect’?

video marketing   The ripple effect is a theory based on the outward flow of motion which starts from the centre. When applied to branding and marketing, we can understand ripple effect by its expanding impact of a product or message that begins with a single point. In this case, video is the point of genesis. A smart marketer exploits its popularity in several different campaigns to reach his target segments. It further affects other success measures in terms of sales and revenues. But, this is not the end, Ripple effect have a deep and wide appeal which can be used for a very long time. It means more people in less time and in even fewer expenses.   Introducing Video Astra, your ultimate marketing weapon. Video Astra helps you developing your marketing strategy as well as produce first-rate videos for your company. It’s a video marketing venture by Vartile that aids companies to capture the most powerful aspect of digital world by engaging customers in a meaningful manner. We help your business to grow by making it memorable among your target segments.

4 Ultimate Business Solutions hidden in Indian Mythology

4 Ultimate Business Solutions hidden in Indian Mythology


A brand is far more than its external presentation. A brand is about perception, about reputation; that deviate you from the others.

We can see that brands are more important in today’s scenario in compared to last 100 years. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience in their consumer’s mind.  So, it’s easy to see why a brand always outlives a product.

Branding is not only essential for the big sharks of the market but for every organisation. It’s fundamental, basic and essential which helps you in becoming worth something.

But, the question of the hour is, how one can become a brand? Well, you don’t have to look very far as the secret behind the best brand building strategy is hidden in our Indian culture of mythology. The Indian culture is not just about rituals and shared stories; it’s a paragon of ultimate business approaches and management skills.

So, let’s learn the art of brand building from the masters of this game itself:

1.     Spell out everything clearly about your brand

It is the first and most critical step in the brand building process. Defining your brand is all about determining your brand’s core strengths. Make a clear decision about your expertise and brand values. This step ultimately decides what your brand truly stands for.

Let’s learn it from the Shiva. Lord Shiva stands for letting go everything. He represents the art of meditation in its most absolute form. Everything he belongs portrays one clear image in his bhakt’s minds. He is the perfect example to gain an understanding of how we should define our brand.

2.     Have a unique selling point? Announce it loudly

What is the one thing of your brand which is exclusive? Before embarking on brand building, determine what makes you different from your competitor. You should create a unique value proposition in your consumer’s mind. Position your brand with a good branding strategy that will help your consumers to make a clear distinction between you and your competitors.

Our lords well studied this technique. Every god in Indian mythology represents a specific power. This power makes them unique in particular occasions. Like at the time of yajna, we evoke the Agni Dev, the lord of fire. Similarly, for the purpose of bringing peace in the home, we recall Ganesha and Lakshmi. Their worshippers are well aware of their powers which make it easy to take a decision at the time.

3.     Raise it as a child, continuous and effectively

Building a brand takes time and consistency; it’s not a one-day thing. To completely spread over your consumer’s mind, you need to expose yourself more and on a regular basis. Take new roles and assignments which give you more exposure to your brand. The more you remain in touch with your consumers, the more chances you have to maintain a constant presence in their mind.

Take the example of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. From the very childhood, they got to indulge in the service of mankind. Krishna helped his people by performing various miraculous things, while Rama helped his people by listening to them and fight for them. People still remember them and worship them because they made a strong connection with them.

4.     A strong brand identity and you are ready to launch

A strong brand identity is the fourth and most important step of your brand building process. Your brand identity is what perceived by consumers. So, it should communicate company’s personality very clearly in customer’s mind. A brand identity comprises of a name, logo, tone, colour and tagline. A brand should be appealing and easily recognisable.

Our gods knew better about this than anyone else. Every Hindu god owns a special identity. It can be anything from a weapon, flower, personal vehicle or even a musical instrument. They have such strong brand identity that we instantly recognise their symbols just by their mere look.

Indra the marketer vs. Krishna the Brand builder

Indra the marketer vs. Krishna the Brand builder

The terms marketing & branding were invented for the same objective. These words have the same goals to achieve. Many business owners and marketers can define these words as a single source to pump in more business. Many can define it as an objective truth for better numbers in the balance sheets. As we are learning from mythology and the lessons are giving enough evidence for acceptance, I will again use the same genre to express my thoughts towards the topic.

Two of my very close friends, both successful businessmen, have gained immense wealth in their respective businesses (for starters & the only clue I can give without disclosing their identities – one owns BMW, other Mercedes). I got an opportunity to work with them, learn from their behavior, their management theories and success mantras. Upon a close observation & deriving from my mythological knowledge I can say one behaves like Indra and other represents Krishna. So, I shall address them as Mr. I & Mr. K in this blog.

They are poles apart – Mr. I believes in good marketing whereas Mr. K believes in good branding. While taking business decisions Mr. I believes that chasing wealth will make him successful. On the contrary Mr. K believes that attracting wealth will make him successful. Mr. I behaves like Indra, who is always bothered by competitions and markets himself with heavy verbiage without really bothering much about the brand image. Mr. K on the other hand, is relaxed like Krishna and does not worry much about competitions. He believes in attracting more customers through better branding. Mr. I, like Indra, trusts no one, demands hourly reports and believes that monitoring employees means better productivity. He dominates the team with his thoughts and decisions and makes them work accordingly. Mr. K believes in delegating tasks and giving authority; he trusts his team and never monitors them. The team is at peace working with responsibility and accountability. For apparent reasons, Mr. K makes more friends than followers.

I personally think Indra and Krishna could both be good inspiration in the world of business. Mr. I’s art of gaining wealth & Mr. K’s charm are both admirable. The problem occurs when they have conflicting thoughts while working under pressure. Meaning when Mr. I thinks & act like Mr. K and vice versa. For example, once Mr. I assigned a job to his team with half trust and withheld information about a project. Obviously, he failed to accomplish the task and blamed the team for it. The story was no different when once working under tremendous pressure, Mr. K failed to communicate his thoughts to the team and loaded them with information while expecting flawless results. When in an unfavorable situation, both displayed out of character traits. The pressure subdues their belief in own practices and behave differently.

Mr. K forgot that the best thing in his strategy was to trust people, motivating and guiding them to the vision as he sees it. He followed the subjective fact and assigned tasks without considering the objective facts behind it. He forgot how his vision could make things happen and he believes that others work ‘with’ him and not ‘for’ him.

Mr. I works worse in pressure. He forgot he can never share his vision with his team. In order to succeed he has to get them to work ‘for’ him and not ‘with’ him. He blamed his team for breaking his trust and for non-performance. The fact is, he never trusted them and he just cannot take the blame.

The characteristics of these two gods can be seen in many leaders. In my experience, even the worst problems can be solved if you know which character you represent or traits of which character you can exceptionally relate to. With the correct approach, adhering to your personality, most adversities can be managed well. We fail to realize that instead of looking for self guidance (we know our problems and our tried-and-tested approach to them) we seek solution in others. We perceive our vision in our own way and we definitely know how to overcome the hurdles that come in the way towards success.