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Websites have gained more importance in the recent times because of the introductions of tablets and smart phones. Most people don’t even switch on their PC’s or laptops, they just find information on their phones. For this reason, it’s very important to have something called as responsive websites. A responsive website is one that streamlines your website to fit into any device, be it a phone, a tablet or your PC. A responsive website is easier to work with and is user friendly. With responsive websites, there are no issues with panning or resizing or scrolling, it all fits in perfectly and makes the user feel comfortable with the website.

But, a website will not be useful at all if there are no SEO’s or the wrong SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers). It’s very important that the right SEO’s are being used, so the audience is able to look up the website and find what they are looking for. With SEO’s, there is an increase in website visibility and that will automatically help your business. SEO’s involve the usage of coding and keywords which help in increasing the relevance of the website. SEO’s help a business gain online traffic and at the same time expose prospective customers to their business and products