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Draupadi was a woman born out of fire and by appeasing the gods while Tulsi Virani was born out of a frustrated mind that did not like sukh-shanti even one bit. This mind was bored enough to scheme on taking over the television at 10:30 in the night by hypnotising mothers (sometimes, even fathers) to change the TV channel to Star Plus and making them forget that they have a life outside of the Virani khandan.

So, how are Draupadi and Tulsi similar when they were born for different reasons? For starters, both of them have 5 husbands. Draupadi had Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva while Tulsi had to go through the turmoil of having one husband, Mihir, rejected then chosen to die, after which he is back with amnesia only to get plastic surgery done twice. This makes one think that she actually did go through 5 husbands.

Both of them had a family member who was born 2 generations before them and could live as long as they wanted. Draupadi’s granduncle-in-law could live as long as he wanted and Tulsi’s grandmother-in-law, Amba Virani, fondly called Baa could live as long as Ekta Kapoor’s mood favoured her.

But didn’t Draupadi have to go through Vastra Harana? What did Tulsi have to go through? Why should you sympathise with Tulsi? Tulsi aged 20 years in a day!  After about 500 and odd episodes, she suddenly turns into a 40 year old person. After other 300 or so episodes, she ages 20 more years!

Think of the fright you will face when your mirror reflects a wrinkled, fatter and grey haired version of you or when a 25 year old punk calls you mom or even worse, grandmom!

The confusion of these sudden changes will perhaps lead to the apocalypse of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. A war was fought to defend Draupdi’s humiliation (or so they say). But what do you think might have happened to solve Tulsi’s confusion? Maha episodes were aired where Tulsi avenges the injustice done to her jawaani by becoming grumpy granny and fighting with her kids, grandkids, and daughters-in-law till the very last episode. Maybe then you think that justice was served, but not so soon Indiawalon, not so soon.

By the end of Tulsi’s life, she falls off air just as Draupadi ends her life by falling off a cliff. The only difference (or similarity, you choose) is Draupadi falls off to go to hell while Tulsi falls off to go to the HRD ministry. Justice is now served.