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With the Indian market opening up to a host of different products, advertisers realised that they would require new strategies to win their customers. These strategies had to be new, different and innovative to catch the audience’s attention. Previously, advertisements had a very little novelty factor. They would have a jingle and ads would directly sell their products. There have been times when a celebrity would endorse a product. There have only been a handful of TVC’s that stayed with the audience because it was emotional or smart advertising.

But from the past decade, there has been a change in the same. TVC’s have become more interesting, smarter and they have a lot of humor in them. With the increasing competition in the market, advertisers realized that the old method of advertising would not work. They had to try something new and different to get more market share. The best way to do so would be to advertise in such a way that people connect to it.

These advertisements ranged from emotional to little every day events or just social awareness messages. Every product was made to associate with it and there were a new group of advertising campaigns. These campaigns worked extremely well and they are still a huge success. Companies are doing their CSR activities via ads as well, so this makes the ad emotional and very appealing.

There was a campaign done by a tea company to awaken the public. The ad campaign was a very big hit. Similarly a mobile service provider made itself popular when they launched a social campaign which was called, ‘Save the Tiger’. It’s interesting to see how a lot of banking and insurance companies have come up with ads that are very emotionally relatable. There is a change in trend here, instead of focusing entirely on their products or policies; they are paying more attention to the emotional aspect. This makes the ad more relatable rather than numbers or policies that might not attract a lot of attention to the ad.

Indian ads have evolved to a very great extent. At times these ads are not aired on televison, but are launched online. This way they are able to market the ad without the need to buy airspace on TV. Many ads have successfully reached the masses without being broadcasted on TV. These ads have a tendency to become viral and make the brand even more popular.

TV ads in India have evolved with time. They have gone from being product oriented to customer oriented. With such ads hitting the Indian television screens, the future of Indian TV ads is sure to be glorious.