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Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

Marketing is the art of communication; to communicate an idea/educate the consumer about new product or service that is being offered at a new price point or with new features or with better customer service.



Effective Communication has four parts to it

  • The Content
  • The Intent
  • The Process &
  • The Emotion

Video is best at conveying all of them. Video is the most engaging and immersive form of communication there is, to reach the mass market. It engages the most number of senses of the viewer. So much so that there are entire billion dollar industries offering video as a product.

As a result, video marketing is being pursued for decaded successfully by many companies to communicate ideas using various genre like Humor by Fevicol, Fear for Quit Smoking campaigns, Demo or Educating Video ads like Whirlpool Refrigerators, Social message involving ads like Ariel, Video ads with jingles such as Humara Bajaj & Nirma and many more.

Today video marketing has become bigger and more important than ever.


So what’s stopping companies from catching on to this trend more rapidly?

Here are the major hurdles that are stopping companies from leveraging the full potential of video

Making Cost:

Traditionally it’s been very costly to hire models, writers, directors, gear or a video agency. And often the video agencies do not market or distribute the video.

We at Vartile, get our dopamine from creative and inspiring work hence, we work on both making the video and also marketing it with very approachable prices starting from 60,000 INR.


                Traditionally video ads found their prominence in TVs and Movie Theatres, however, times have changed now with the advent of digital media. Vartile, for instance, uses owned platforms like company websites, social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Modern Media hubs like Youtube, Hotstar and traditional platforms like TV channels and Movie Theatres as well to promote and distribute video ads.


                Viewership for video has increased by 200% in India alone. This is mainly because of decreasing cost that viewer has to incur to watch content online. This makes the interest of viewer in content of video, the only deciding factor for the viewer to watch the video or not. Vartile has immense experience of creating curiosity generating videos, funny and engaging videos, product demo videos and also endorsement videos by stars like Upendra which are sure to make this decision of consumer one sided!


                Earlier video ads had limited reach, reaching only those homes which either had a TV or could afford to go to a movie. Today, the reach of video has grown by many folds thanks to increasing connectivity with bare minimum costs to the consumer. This reachability is completely utilized by Vartile’s research based targeting techniques, which enable video to reach the most relevant audience, who can connect to the company/product with least cost possible.

Still not convinced? What better way to explain about a video than a video itself.

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