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It so happened one day that we were hunting to find a brand ambassador for a client. We had looked at countless portfolios of models, but we weren’t convinced by anyone. The client’s needs were a woman of strength and beauty; when people look at her they see deep-seated confidence in her. Not one of the innumerable profiles we saw did justice to the client’s requirement. We were beginning to get worried when one of our team-members said, “You know, I think Draupadi would do complete justice to this role.” We all agreed in unison and went back to hunt for our modern day Draupadi.

This struck me with a question. Who from ancient Hindu mythology would be the ideal brand ambassador for modern day products? This is what I came up with-

Life insurance- Who better than Bhishma to endorse life insurance? He lived a long life, had the boon to die whenever he wanted and also gave away all his knowledge to the people he wanted. Bhishma is just the right mix that every life insurance agency would want.

Gold loans- The goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, would definitely be on your list if you were hiring a brand ambassador for your gold loan company. In every photo of hers, one hand of hers is busy blessing people with money while she looks gracefully young for her age. Imagine her doing a TV commercial for you. Her reassuring smile along with her magical palm could do wonders for your business and fill your palms with money.

School- I can imagine the modern day Saraswati with a handloom saree, gold rimmed spectacles on her nose and playing a veena with her eyes closed. She sings in her melodious voice and lights the lamp for the school’s function. You can imagine it too, right?! If she was endorsing a school, which parent would not want their child admitted there?

Sleeping pills- If you had 100 drummers playing at the same time next to your bed, what would follow would probably be, you waking up either with fear or with the notion of wanting to kill the noisemakers. But, what if you still didn’t get up? “Nah, not possible” is what you might be thinking. But, the Ramayana can prove you wrong. Kumbhakarana needed more than 100 drummers and 1000 elephants to walk over him, just so that he could get up from sleep. Now you know why I think Kumbhakarana would be the perfect ambassador for sleeping pills?

Banks- Imagine if you had Kubera endorsing a bank? Kubera is a god who is considered to own all the treasures of the world. If he can assure you and tell you that all your wealth will be safe in XYZ bank, just like his is, I don’t see why people won’t open their accounts in that bank. If the bank’s customers don’t come there to safekeep their valuables, they might come to see Kubera. Now, of course, they won’t come to see his face, they will come to see his many jewels and treasures that he might be hiding in the bank’s lockers.

I am still thinking of the other gods, demons, yakshas and other mythological creatures who could be brand ambassadors for products. If you have any in mind, do share it in the comments below J