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If you need sound business or management advice, you tend to look at management or self help books written by western authors. How about trying something Indian for a change? This might come as a shock to you, but our ages old Bhagvad Gita has as much as knowledge about management as it has about spirituality and life. Don’t believe me? Then why are the top most CEO’s considering it the new Art of War? There has to be something of great importance in it, right?

I have tried to compile some of the things that I learnt and understood about management from the Gita and also what webizens around the world learnt from it. The most famous phrase of the Gita is, ‘keep doing the work you are supposed to do, don’t think of its fruits’. As relevant as this is to personal life, it is very important professionally as well. If a person dreams of the profit he is going to make from a client, then instead of giving it his best effort, he will be in constant thoughts of the client liking his product or not.

The second most important thing that I learnt from Krishna’s teachings is to be wise and utilise all the resources optimally. Let’s take the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabahrata; the Kauravas had a much bigger army than the Pandavas. But, the Pandava’s used strategy and their most important resource, Krishna to the optimal level to win the battle.

If you are a manager at a higher level, you need to motivate and help others become better at their jobs. Krishna says this in the Bhagvad Gita, ‘Detach from the fruits of action that are performed in the course of duty.’ This way, you let your sub-ordinates take credit and encourage their good performance. This also lays the foundation of your sub-ordinates respecting and looking up to you.

The final gyan that I have to share with you is what will ease you and at the same time distress you. Here it goes, “If the result of sincere effort is success, then the entire credit does not go to the doer. If the result of sincere effort is failure, it is not entirely the doer’s fault.’ So, if you have had a lot of success, this piece of wisdom will make sure, you don’t fly in the air and if you fail, it won’t allow you to get depressed.

This is the little knowledge that I got from a book that is filled with insights about life and work. Did you learn something else from Krishna today? Do let us know