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The terms marketing & branding were invented for the same objective. These words have the same goals to achieve. Many business owners and marketers can define these words as a single source to pump in more business. Many can define it as an objective truth for better numbers in the balance sheets. As we are learning from mythology and the lessons are giving enough evidence for acceptance, I will again use the same genre to express my thoughts towards the topic.

Two of my very close friends, both successful businessmen, have gained immense wealth in their respective businesses (for starters & the only clue I can give without disclosing their identities – one owns BMW, other Mercedes). I got an opportunity to work with them, learn from their behavior, their management theories and success mantras. Upon a close observation & deriving from my mythological knowledge I can say one behaves like Indra and other represents Krishna. So, I shall address them as Mr. I & Mr. K in this blog.

They are poles apart – Mr. I believes in good marketing whereas Mr. K believes in good branding. While taking business decisions Mr. I believes that chasing wealth will make him successful. On the contrary Mr. K believes that attracting wealth will make him successful. Mr. I behaves like Indra, who is always bothered by competitions and markets himself with heavy verbiage without really bothering much about the brand image. Mr. K on the other hand, is relaxed like Krishna and does not worry much about competitions. He believes in attracting more customers through better branding. Mr. I, like Indra, trusts no one, demands hourly reports and believes that monitoring employees means better productivity. He dominates the team with his thoughts and decisions and makes them work accordingly. Mr. K believes in delegating tasks and giving authority; he trusts his team and never monitors them. The team is at peace working with responsibility and accountability. For apparent reasons, Mr. K makes more friends than followers.

I personally think Indra and Krishna could both be good inspiration in the world of business. Mr. I’s art of gaining wealth & Mr. K’s charm are both admirable. The problem occurs when they have conflicting thoughts while working under pressure. Meaning when Mr. I thinks & act like Mr. K and vice versa. For example, once Mr. I assigned a job to his team with half trust and withheld information about a project. Obviously, he failed to accomplish the task and blamed the team for it. The story was no different when once working under tremendous pressure, Mr. K failed to communicate his thoughts to the team and loaded them with information while expecting flawless results. When in an unfavorable situation, both displayed out of character traits. The pressure subdues their belief in own practices and behave differently.

Mr. K forgot that the best thing in his strategy was to trust people, motivating and guiding them to the vision as he sees it. He followed the subjective fact and assigned tasks without considering the objective facts behind it. He forgot how his vision could make things happen and he believes that others work ‘with’ him and not ‘for’ him.

Mr. I works worse in pressure. He forgot he can never share his vision with his team. In order to succeed he has to get them to work ‘for’ him and not ‘with’ him. He blamed his team for breaking his trust and for non-performance. The fact is, he never trusted them and he just cannot take the blame.

The characteristics of these two gods can be seen in many leaders. In my experience, even the worst problems can be solved if you know which character you represent or traits of which character you can exceptionally relate to. With the correct approach, adhering to your personality, most adversities can be managed well. We fail to realize that instead of looking for self guidance (we know our problems and our tried-and-tested approach to them) we seek solution in others. We perceive our vision in our own way and we definitely know how to overcome the hurdles that come in the way towards success.