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How to make an awesome corporate presentation

How to make an awesome corporate presentation

What do you consider as an insanely amazing presentation? The one which talks all about you or, the one which is full of different kind of information and charts? We think either way are boring and completely washed out.

There must be a good reason why everyone thinks business presentation are dull and monotonous because otherwise, we see them as a movie which is full of action, drama and a mind blowing climax.

Still figuring how to make an awesome corporate presentation? Don’t worry we have your back. Start with:


A smashing entry      smashing-entry-without-bg  

The beginning of your presentation is the most crucial part because it decides whether it keeps your audience attention with you till the end or not. It doesn’t need to be dramatic but memorable. Bring up the curiosity level of your audience by talking about something completely unexpected and then go straight to your point. This will get your audience listen to you in anticipation.


Show them what you’re talking about      show_new1

Your presentation is incomplete without compelling visuals. Isn’t it better to show your idea instead of just talking about it? People believe what they see therefore it helps you to convince them in an easy and better way about your product or service.



Keep it short, keep it clear      simple-and-short_1

The first formula of a great presentation is ‘Stop bragging about you right now’. The one thing you want to avoid is losing your audience concentration. So put a full stop on all that needless details and start focussing on what’s really important for your audience to remember. You need to know that how much information is too much information otherwise, you are going to confuse the audience completely.



Do something different                do-something-different

Most of us don’t remember much until we see something super weird or unique. Presentations are like movies so if you want to stand out, show your audience a different story. By simply saying that you are different won’t do any good for you, so choose to do something no one ever thinks of.



Make your content memorable        memorable-content

Is it possible to turn your boring data presentation into something gripping? Well with us, yes it is. Raw information amuses only the logical mind while bores the rest of the mind. Colour your boring data and charts with the help of our imagination and your creative touch. Tickle most of your audience’s mind to reap more retention.



Believe in your presentation        presentation

Enthusiasm is very hard to fake, so if you really want to look confident in front of your audience then pre-prepare yourself. The first step in this process is to believe in what you are about to present. Why is it so important? Because as David Ogilvy said, ‘consumer is not a moron, she is your wife’ and let’s admit you cannot lie to your wife. So if you want to convince your audience about something, convince yourself first.



Trigger a reaction            trigger-rection_fast

People tend to react to everything in India but when it comes to the presentations, you generally don’t find an expressive audience. Let’s put it straight, if you can’t trigger a reaction out of your audience you can’t expect them to get back to you after the presentation. It’s over; your ship is going to sink badly.

Include things that are so powerful that they can’t help but listen to you. Give them reasons to react positively after you end your show.


Don’t forget the rhythm             rythm

You should run a single powerful idea throughout the presentation. Without a theme, it will look just blah!

To avoid this, structure your presentation like a movie. Set up plots, problems and then slowly reveal how to solve each one of them. Learn from the great storytellers and create a message that’s easy to digest, remember and retell.

In short, make a smashing entry and conclude with a powerful ending.



Make it simple       simple

There is no need to present boring stuff in a boring way. A confused mind never buys, so break down all your data into simpler meaningful stories that are easily relatable to the audience. Don’t punish your audience by presenting typical data that can only be analysis by the scholars.



Why so serious?               serious

A presentation is meant to intrigue, not to bore. If you often find your audience with a lost look on their face then you have only two options left: Either hope for more dynamic and engaged crowd or, be the one who can excite any audience easily. We think the former is not something which is in your hand.

Time to paint your content with a splash of creativity because as joker once said, ‘why so serious?’

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