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Every company has its own uniqueness, its own product or service that stands out, every company has a vision that it wants the audience to understand and relate to. Every company wants its consumers to give them the first priority. All this can be achieved by quality products and by sustaining in the market for a long period of time. But, the same products or services can project its uniqueness and increased market share in a very short period of time if it involved itself in some amount of branding.

It is considered that only big companies need to be a part of the branding process. This is not true. If a company starts branding itself since its very inception, people will remember the company as it is growing and the brand value strengthens as the company grows.

Most small firms may not consider branding very important but it is an essential marketing strategy as it helps the firm to be unique in a market that might have many other competitors. Branding incorporates taglines as well. Taglines can be creatively made and it should speak for the company or the product and services they offer.

Branding starts with finding a USP or unique selling proposition. A USP of a product or a service talks about the uniqueness of your product or service that makes it stand out of the competition. Generally, a USP is made into a tagline.

Once a USP is figured out, it is important to understand the market and how a person could target the required audience and through what means. It could be through print or broadcasted through TV or radio. A person can also go digital with it.

Branding involves an efficient use of design and text. Creative branding solutions are always attractive. However, if, the message is not getting through to the audience, the creativity of the ad serves no purpose. Also, the same kind of design or theme should be present in all its advertisements, so the audience can easily connect with the brand.

Shathayu is a famous Ayurvedic centre that offers spa treatment, slimming solutions and naturally alleviates some remedies such as migraine, infertility amongst others.

Vartile was asked to provide branding solutions for Shathayu. Vartile worked closely with Shathayu and found out that their USP was the fact that they were in the business since 1901. When it came to deciding the kind of design that they should work with, Vartile felt that their theme should be very earthy as they healed people the natural way. Their website was made using the similar themes. Their print ads and their outdoor advertising had images which showed natural healing.

After their branding, they have expanded internationally. They opened a branch in Australia and they are now planning to open a branch in other countries as well.

Branding is an important part of the marketing procedure; it not only helps to advertise about your organisation but it also has a high recall value among people.