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“So, you want to do arts? Are you sure? But you got such good percentage in tenth grade! There is no future in arts!”

“If you get 55%, you can only take up arts! Then what will I tell everyone else? That my son can’t study, so he has taken up a subject as simple as arts?”

If you are city bred and have ever wanted to study humanities (or arts as it more commonly called) then you might have heard the above from almost everyone you meet. Be it your own parents or your relatives. Your neighbours or people you have just met, they all want to give you their so-called ‘wise advice’. The fact that we Indians, want to advise anyone on anything is hardly hidden. We consider it a part of our fundamental right, just like right to freedom or right against exploitation.

So, what can you do when everyone is bogging you down and saying arts is easy? All you need to do is ask them a question. As them, is arts easy? Your answers will range from, very easy to anyone can study it. Then ask them if they know what Dadaism is. Look at their confused faces, smile inwardly and tell them, “If arts was all that easy, then shouldn’t you know what Dadaism is?” Look at their confused faces again, enjoy when their little minds are trying to assimilate all the information together and then just make a grand exit 😉

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