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If you are an arts student in India and you have friends who have taken up commerce and science, they will harp about how difficult their subjects are and the amount they are required to study. But when you start talking about your assignments or projects, they might just laugh out loud and ask, “Why are you even complaining? Arts is just so simple.” Looks like your friends like to live in their little bubble of ignorance.

If only they knew all the nights you were up trying to analyse the Arab spring or the Israel-Palestine conflict. They might think it’s easy to understand development models and its various theories but you have gone much beyond that to analyse why some development models worked in some places and why it didn’t in the others. If only your friends understood structuralism and post structuralism. Then they might have known the hard work it takes to understand the other side of human nature, which is quite different from making money or building a nuclear plant. Your friends don’t know what it is like to compare the works of Rabindranath Tagore and Charles Dickens, to look at their writing styles and understand the historical and cultural context of the time. For you the list goes on and on.

Why not teach them that you chose arts because you are made to think and analyse? Go forward, burst their little bubble J